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Followings are demos, tools and resources initiated (or primarily created/maintained) by Xovee Xu.


Project Description Role Year
CS Conf Conference Stats Computer Science Conference Statistics: exploring top-tier conference's acceptance rate & number of submission. Creator 2024-
LPL Player Visualization This page visualizes professional LPL players and their co-playing relations in League of Legend video game. Creator 2023-
Fund, Award, Scholarship Translation A catalog for common Chinese funding, awards, scholarships and their translations. Creator 2023-
New Chinese Idioms This page records new (and well-known) Internet-origin Chinese Idioms. Creator 2022-
Co-Authorship Visualization A Python tool to visualize your academic co-authorship interactively. See a demo of mine. Creator 2021-
LaTeX Template for CV Curriculum Vitae (CV) template designed by Xovee. Try it at GitHub or at Overleaf. Thi is my CV. Creator 2021-
UESTC Course An open-source repo contains course materials for UESTC students. Creator 2020-
CSDN Tech Blogs I sometimes write (mostly Chinese) tech blogs on CSDN. Creator 2018-


Project Description Role Year
Neural Networks & Deep Learning A Chinese translation of the popular online book written by Michael Nielsen. Translator 2018-2019