Xovee's Handy Tools

Over the years I tried a lot of stuffs -- followings are what I'm currently using:


Tool Choice
Browser Chrome
Calendar Google Calendar
Cloud Storage Google Drive (also use its Desktop version for local file sync) and iCloud (mostly for photo sync).
Code Editor Visual Studio Code and PyCharm (students and faculty can apply for free professional version)
Email Gmail and sometimes Outlook
File Archiver 7-Zip
Finance Manager Wallet by Budgetbakers
Language Assistant Grammarly, Linggle, and Youdao. Alternatives: Ludwig and Academic Phrasebank.
LaTeX Editor Mostly using Overleaf, sometimes local compiling with VS Code. This is my referring link of Overleaf.
Literature Search & Track Google Scholar, DBLP, and Semantic Scholar, for computer science field.
Multimedia Player PotPlayer
Entertainment Apple Music and Netease Cloud Music (music), YouTube (video), Goodreads (book), IMDb (movie and show), and RAWG (game)
Note-taking Local markdown files with Google Drive sync. Many of my files and documents are managed the same way.
Passward Manager Bitwarden
Programming Mostly Python and somtimes JavaScript
Reference Manager Zotero with TeraCloud WebDAV synchronization. Current version of Mendeley is a mess.
Todo Microsoft To Do
Visualization Matplotlib with Python, Omni Graffle (only support Apple devices), I also like Bokeh for web.
VPN Astrill, this is my referring link.


Device Used
Smartphone iPhone 14 Pro Max (2023, current)iPhone 11 iPhone 7 (2016) Mi 4C (2016) iPhone 5s (2014) Nokia Lumia 920 (2012)
Laptop MacBook Air M1 (2020, current, 8GB, 256GB)
Lenovo Z51-70 (2015, i7-5500U, R9-M375, 8GB, 1TB)
Desktop Homebuilt (2018, current, R7-1700 + B450M, GTX 1050 Ti, 16GB, 512GB+1TB)
Lenovo Desktop (2006, forget the exact model, one of the 家悦 series with a 2 cores CPU)
Earphones Airpods Pro 1 (2021) Beats urBeats3 (2020) AKG K3003 (2019) Airpods 2 (2019) Vsonic GR09 (2018) Airpods (2017) Ecci PR200 MK2 (2016) Mi In-Ear (2015) Earpods (2015) Logitech UE 900 (2013) Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic (2012, I like it!)
Headset Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 Wireless (2022, current) Sennheiser MOMENTUM 2 Wireless (2016) AKG K450 (2015)
Keyboard Logitech K120 (current, 2020) Cherry MX Board 8.0 (2018) Logitech K120 (2016) Cherry MX Board 2.0 (2015)
Mice Logitech G Pro Wireless (current, 2021) Various models of DAREU EM915/925 (from 2015 to current)
Video Game Console Switch (2021, current) Xbox One X (2018, current) Xbox Series S (2017)

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